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Here you can upload images with .png, .gif or .jpg extension. Best choice is PNG with alpha transparency. The logo will be inserted in the middle of the Custom-QR-Code.

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qrinfo qrinfo-enQR Codes (Quick Response Codes) are coded graphics that can be read by current smartphones and tablets with the appropriate software. They form a bridge between the real and the virtual world.
Nowadays it’s hard to find advertisements without this code. With one scan you will be directed to a website, a product video or a download link in the App Store. Immediately you will receive the information or the content you want without having to type a link. Complete Business cards are imported within seconds.
Even pre-formulated, pre-addressed mail and SMS as well as free text messages can be transmitted.
With the enormous range of practical applications, QR Codes are continuously gaining importance.

Here you can customize your QR Codes with your logo, a photo, a smiley or a short promotional text. In this way you create recognition and give a personal touch to the code that will surely stand out from other competitors.
Your graphic is positioned centrally and may cover a maximum of 30%, less is recommended in any case, so that old scanner can read this.
You can upload your logo in PNG, GIF and as JPEG. We recommend PNG because here you can use alpha channel transparency. You can also adjust the size of the logo with a slider. You should test in any case directly on the screen using a smartphone, whether the generated code is still working or if there is too many image content covered.

Do you know what QR Code is? What is it for and what does it look like? Why is QR Code very useful?

QR Code or Quick Response Code is graphic code that can be read by cell phone,Smartphone and tablets with the right software. It is made of black modules or square dots that are arranged in square grid on a white background.  This had become  more  popular  because  of  its  fast  readability  and  has  more  storage capacity for data like URL links, Geo coordinates, text and more.

QR Codes is very popular today. It can be seen magazines, billboards, web page,TV, flyers or even in t-shirts. So don’t be left behind. You can also have a QR Code by making one with the help of QR Code Generator.

Make your own QR Code with QR Code Generator. Customize it the way you want it to look like. You can put your logo, photo or any text you want to, choose the size, boarder and color of background and foreground. Be creative to stand out from other and give a personal touch in it.

So don’t be left behind and make your own QR Code with QR Code Generator for free.


Do you have your own company, business or product that needed QR code? Do you want to have your own? Do not worry because now you can have your very own QR code with the help of QR Code Generator.

So let start know what is this QR code, this is short for Quick Response Code. It appears to be square dots in a square grid which can be in black and white or colored.  This can already be seen almost everywhere, from the packaging of a certain product may it be food, beverages, clothing, appliance, name it and surely it has one. This is also most used in marketing and advertising product or things to be sell.

QR Code Generator is here to help you make your very own QR code. It is very easy and very simple to use. All you need to do is think, plan and decide what you want for your QR code to look like and what information you want to put on it.

There are a different type of QR code that you can do using this app. QR code generator lets you choose whether to used text, URL, Email, telephone, SMS or business card.

From the choices of what kind of QR code you are planning you have the option if the QR code is black and white, colored and with or without a logo, image or text on it.

All of this is just a click away and you have all the power in your hands and decide what you want for your very own QR code. Why waste your money to let other make your QR code if you can make it on your own for free and not spend a great amount of money. Maybe, at first, you will have to struggle but everything, at first, is a struggle. But as you try again you will get to know how it works and in no time you will be as like they say piece of cake. Maybe by this, you can earn extra money by making an income of making a QR code for other.