People Behind the invention of QR code

Are you one of the people who are wondering who is or are behind the well-used and popular QR code? I am sure you are interested who they are and how great their discovery help us not only the business people but also the consumers. QR code can be seen anywhere and with this curiosity will get to you.
As well all know QR code means is Quick Response code, from the name itself which is quick it gives the people the information that needs to be known to them. A simple two-dimensional barcode that has great information on it. This not only a tag or trademark of the company but it holds information that is why to do not underestimate this black and white dotted square.
Let us now discover who these people that are behind the invention of QR code. Masahiro Hara was behind this along with team members who consist of Takayuki Nagaya, Tadao Nojiri, Yuji Uchiyama and last but not the least Motoaki Watabe under the company of Denso Corporation.  Because of their invention, their team won Popular Prize of European Inventor Award in 2014. They gave great honor to Japan because they are the first Japanese team and first time to win this prominent award.
It was in 1994 that QR or Quick Response code was invented. In the one-dimensional barcode has only limited information can be stored like 20 characters of alphanumeric. The reason why Hara and his team invented this two-dimensional barcode is to be able to store much more information in a labeled paper wherein they can increase more or less 250 times.
Even thou that the inventors or discovered this are Japanese, their invention is used worldwide. Not only has that Japan benefited this but also other countries.
They did not stop there; they did more research and make sure to improve it too much better. Not stopping but making it more advance. Let us thank them for their great effort on what they are doing and what they did to make things much easier to access and get information faster.