QR code vs barcode

Quick Response (QR) Code and barcode, do you know what these are and what are the difference between the two? QR code is not the same with a barcode. This two are different from each other. Some people confuse this two from each other. But this two are considered as information matrix.
From the look of this two one can identify which is which. The barcode is made up of horizontal lines which compose of thick or thin lines while QR code is a two-dimensional barcode that is in dotted square.
For the barcode, this has only the capacity to store around data of 20 digits. While the QR code can store more data around 350 times which can hold more than 7,000 digits.  If you are wondering why that QR code can store is because the barcode as you can see are made horizontally while the QR code can spread and store information not only horizontally but also vertically which is the reason that it can store much more data space on it. This is the advantage of QR code to barcode; there is more information that can be stored. Scanning this QR code can be easily done as long you a scanner for this or even with the use of you mobile phone as long it has an app that can read or scan this QR codes.
Aside the QR code can store more information another advantage of QR code over barcode is a person can design how the QR code will look, if the simple black and white dotted square, add either  logo or picture, some texts and other more. But for the barcode, you cannot do this because this always just a horizontal lines.
Comparing this two, barcode has been around more from QR code. This has been used already over a decade already. This was the first thing that was used by the company. And as the years goes by people can observe that QR code is the latest version of the barcode.
But now mostly company uses more QR code because of the great advantage they can gain on it aside being a marketing tool.