Used of QR code

When buying a product have you observe a barcode in a black and white dotted square form or also be colored sometimes depending on it? Aside from the product bought such as food, junk foods, beverages this can also be seen in different boxes, business cards, flyers, magazines, billboard, TV ads and much more.
This is called Quick Response or QR code which was invented by Masahiro Hara and his team. Using this has a great advantage and purpose. This is a great marketing tool for both offline and online marketing. By scanning it using devices such as a smartphone or android phones that have app where it can read or scan QR code a person can get hold or know information that is in coded in this two-dimensional barcode.
This barcode can also be seen at transport ticket (such train, bus, airplane), commercial tracking, entertainment (such as movie houses, arcades), restaurants, grocery, shopping mall, different products and much more.
Here when seeing a QR code in provides information of what is it representing such as the name of the product, company, address, website, social media links, contact number, emails, videos, discount and other more.
This is the most and popular method marketing used as a means of advertisement. With the technology today almost everybody has their mobile phones where this can be used to scan and read this squared doted barcodes.
Just imagine scanning it then all the information needed like for example a dress that you want, all the information that you needed that you need to know will be given to you with the help of QR code. No need to search to know everything that you want to know.
Promos such as discounts or sale are also done using this. This can be seen on flyers, magazine, newspaper, billboard and other printed ads or materials.
If you things that this is just only for applicable and in demand now and it would not last, think again. This will surely be staying for a long time and will be improving for the better as the years go by.