Where QR Code can be seen

Are you familiar what a QR code is or what it look like? When we say QR code it is the short term for Quick Response Code. This is a barcode that is two-dimensional or let say a matrix barcode type. If you are wondering what it look like well it is a square dots or black modules that are in arranging in a square grid. It can be black and white, colored and can have image or logo depending on the company using a QR code.

Observe the things you buy in the groceries. Look at the containers of what you bought there is QR code at the side on it. Even the pizza box has one also. Almost everything now has this on.

This has been out in the market almost everywhere.  Mostly the purpose of using this is for marketing and also advertisement. Using a QR code is a great advantage and very useful for companies who have products to offer or sell. This can be either be printed directly at the product itself, printed in their packaging, printed through sticker or at newspaper, magazines, tabloids, flyers and other printing materials for advertisement.

Aside from products, this can also be seen at different establishments such as malls, restaurants, grocery stores, museums, libraries, bus stations, train stations, gas stations, real estate billboards or signs, tombstones, t-shirt, clothing, hats, movie posters and much more. This is also can be seen in some calling cards where important information can be retrieved in it. There are also television ads and shopping television channels also uses QR code.

With the QR code all the information that a consumer should know can be access thru this, from the name of the company, about the product, location of the business, event details, offer details, website, link to a video, social media sites of the product or company such as Twitter, Facebook and other more.  This has been very popular and in demand now a day’s especially everyone has a mobile phone where it can have QR code reader.Imagine what this simple image which is a QR code can do and how it is very helpful not only to a company but also to us.